Applied Strategic Foresight (On-site)

Bringing Futures Thinking into Strategy

Two full days - Copenhagen
| Feb. 26 - Feb. 27 | Apr. 4 - Apr. 5 | May 6 - May 7 |
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From our position as a world-leader in applying futures studies and foresight methodologies to specific societal and business challenges, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies has designed a targeted applied strategic foresight course.

In the course, we upskill our course participants with a structured process for understanding dynamics of change and planning for alternative scenarios, essentially to enrich and enhance the context within which strategy is developed and executed. The course is built around maximum engagement and actionable, hands-on learning, with the right blend between relevant theory and tangible strategic foresight tools for your professional work. Our course facilitators bring their knowledge and expertise from working daily with strategic foresight and futures-oriented issues.

Who is this for?

The course is a popular choice for decision-makers, innovation managers, strategic planners, business developers, designers, and people who want to get a head-start working strategically with the future.

This course will provide you with

  • Solid insights into the megatrends that shape the future, and how they may affect your business or organisation
  • The ability to spot and make sense of trends, issues, and critical uncertainties influencing your future strategic environment
  • The ability to create alternative views on the future and frame robust alternative futures scenarios that have relevance for decision-making - instead of only extrapolating current trends
  • Knowledge of how to use the CIFS scenario planning approach as a tool for strategic analysis to develop strategic agility and organisational resilience
  • The opportunity to build knowledge and cultivate a “foresight mindset” for your own futures thinking while also building community by networking and exchanging experiences and ideas with like-minded business professionals from other organisations and industries

About the course

Strategic foresight is not about making numerous wild (and often vague) guesses about the future. Rather, it is a structured process focused on guiding thinking, identifying opportunities, and building resilience in the face of uncertainty and complexity – thus improving organisational decision-making by considering alternative futures and challenging underlying assumptions.

The course guides participants through CIFS' approach to applied strategic foresight. The core modules covered in the course are:

Using the Future - Become familiar with how to “use the future” through strategic foresight, and why the capability to develop insights about future alternatives to guide strategic thinking has never been more important.

Exploring dynamics of change - Learn the process of exploring dynamics of change as the “bedrock”-practice of strategic foresight, e.g. by applying the Futures Triangle as an explorative tool.

Discovering key strategic uncertainties - Learn how to identify and make sense of the uncertainties that matter the most by understanding the degree of uncertainty surrounding impactful strategic issues.

Building futures scenarios - Learn how to frame and develop robust alternative futures scenarios and discover alternative futures perspectives that have relevance for decision-making.

Transitioning from foresight to strategy - Learn how to understand the strategic implications of alternative futures and how to transition into futures-informed strategic decision-making.


"Taking this course was an unbeatable choice. It pushed forward my skills for providing clear and structured alternatives that can put my company towards a more future-ready position."
Director of Innovation
"The course on applied strategic foresight was an exceptional experience, working through a 'real' case gave me directly applicable insights, that I can use in my work tomorrow."
Engagement Manager
"Attending the CIFS course has challenged me to raise the bar in using futures in my own context. The facilitation and delivery are definitely professional and encourage perception... Uncertainty is not a bug - it's a feature, my mantra for the rest of the year!"
Senior Process Transformation Partner


The course takes place over two full days at our location in Copenhagen. 

The course consists of a mixture of presentation and hands-on workshop activities facilitated by CIFS advisors/futurists with years of global experience. Throughout, we will contextualise and discuss what we have learned. 

Seats are limited to secure close interaction and feedback in the group. 

The course includes

  • Live instruction and facilitation by CIFS advisors/futurists 
  • Immersion into CIFS' approach to applied strategic foresight 
  • Proprietary CIFS futures studies and strategic foresight toolkit 
  • Course material (provided prior to course) and presenter slides 
  • LinkedIn certificate of course completion badge 
  • Free 1-year personal Futures Membership of CIFS (not including shipping costs on FARSIGHT outside of Denmark)
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded business professionals 
  • Light breakfast, lunch, and refreshments on each course day 

Dates, times, and sign-up

We add new course dates on a rolling basis. The following course dates are currently available:

  • Option 1 (FEW SEATS LEFT): Feb. 26 - Feb. 27, 2024 | DKK 17,500 + VAT
    09.00 - 16.30 (CET)

  • Option 2: Apr. 4 - Apr. 5, 2024 | DKK 17,500 + VAT
    09.00 - 16.30 (CEST)

  • Option 3: May 6 - May 7, 2024 | DKK 17,500 + VAT
    09.00 - 16.30 (CEST)

For Futures Partners and Futures Members, please sign-up using the special sign-up form here.

In case of cancellation, please read our course cancellation policy.

Please note that we charge Danish VAT. You may as a foreign organization, however, subsequently claim refund of the VAT from the tax authorities.

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