Our Offerings

We are a world leader in applying futures studies and foresight methodologies to specific societal and business challenges.

Courses are postponed until further notice.

Should you be interested in course-participation you are encouraged to sign-up as we will keep you updated when we have dates confirmed.

Our courses are a popular choice for decision makers, strategic planners, and people who want to get a head-start working strategically with future insights and uncertainties in the private and public sector alike.

We train our course participants to meet and create their future through professional upskilling in areas such as trend analysis, scenario planning, strategy, business intelligence, innovation and risk management. All courses are hands-on, action-oriented with the right blend between relevant theory and tangible tools so that you can apply your newfound skills at work the next day.

You won’t just absorb material, you’ll be out of your seat and interacting with others in fun activities that engage your mind in new ways.

Our course facilitators are skilled communicators who simultaneously work with strategic and future-oriented issues for the Institute’s members and project customers. Thus, the courses consist not only of theoretical knowledge but also practical experience and understanding of the reality in organisations and companies.

In addition to the open courses that you find on this page, we also offer courses tailored to your organisation or business if you want to work closely with your colleagues on a tailored or company-specific challenge.

Courses We Currently Offer