Unfolding the cities of tomorrow by exploring urban futures


The cities of the future will be larger and more complex, presenting a number of global challenges for the 21st century. At Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, we believe that exploring the future of cities is essential to understand and address these challenges. Many of them are related to how we build and inhabit our cities, but also inevitably linked to how we exist as a part of nature and how our action not just affect us but all life on this planet. Through this exploration, we can contribute to the next step in the transformation of our cities, towards a regenerative and inclusive future. 

Our mission is to drive a positive urban transformation by generating ideas, knowledge, prototypes, and strategies that promote equitable, resilient, and liveable cities. We want to inspire to the development of regenerative and inclusive urban futures for all species: humans and non-humans a like.  

If we want to get there – we need to EVOLVE. 


EVOLVE is a collaborative initiative hosted by Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, where we through Futures Thinking and Foresight build capabilities to enable individuals and organisations to imagine, work with, and shape the future.  

The aim of EVOLVE to further the understanding and exploration of urban futures at the local, regional, national, and global levels to inspire action and agency to act today to build a better future for ourselves, society, and the planet. 


The lab will organise yearly sessions to facilitate knowledge sharing, foster collaboration, and engage with stakeholders from the public, private, and civic sectors. Together we will explore the ever-changing trends that shape city life and addressing the implications and challenges that follows. We delve into topics ranging from the future of urban living to citizens participation and urban governance to regenerative cities, to the impact of AI on planning and urban development.


Our ambitions are, in collaboration, to conduct interdisciplinary research projects to explore emerging trends and generate evidence-based insights on the cities of tomorrow to contribute to urban development, innovation, and policymaking today. With time we hope that the lab provides a space for prototyping and testing urban innovations and solutions to move towards an inclusive and regenerative future. 


EVOLVE serves as a collaborative space and platform for everyone interested in contributing to the next step in the transformation of our cities and envisioning, prototyping, and exploring urban futures.


New visions, ideas and solutions are needed. Interested in joining EVOLVE in shaping the future of cities and building a more regenerative, resilient, and equitable world - Please get involved! 

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We have entered the Metropolitan century and cities are now more than ever the center of societal advancement. The cities of the future will be larger and more complex, presenting a number of global challenges and opportunities for the 21st century. Demographic shifts, new needs and expectations, technological development, environmental threats, economic (de)growth and (in)equality and political uncertainty are just some of the major changes taking place. 

With liveability, regenerative development, and urban governance as the three pillars within the future of urban development, we hope to explore and contribute to the transformation and development of cities through Urban Futures.