Futures Membership

We are a self-owned membership organisation, and our circle of members consists of individuals, public & private organisations seeking insight into the trends and issues affecting their future.

If you are passionate and interested in how future societies will evolve, how potential futures look, and how they will affect you, professionally and/or personally, you have the opportunity to become a Futures member of the Institute. As a member you will be part of the backbone of the Institute and gain access to our insights and offerings, all our publications, discounts, and exclusive event access.


  • 4 annual issues of SCENARIO Quarterly (print & digital)*
  • Archival access to all previous reports and magazines

*Note: Scenario Quarterly become effective from January, 2022. Until then, you will receive the remaining issues of Scenario Magazine.


  • 4 annual Futures talks/panels with external guests exclusively for members


  • 10% discount on all our online and on-site courses

... with more to come!

DKK 800 Annually
+ EU VAT -
Plus shipping outside Denmark