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Sign up now to become a member of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and support our work towards the betterment of society. We strive to equip and inspire individuals and organisations to act on the future, today.

A Futures membership is for individuals who are curious about how our societies will evolve in the future. As a Futures Member of the Institute, you will learn how to use the future, gain knowledge and insights into trends and uncertainties that will challenge your mind, and get the chance to develop futures capabilities.


Broaden your horizon about future possibilities and stay updated on key trends and developments through:

  • 4 issues of FARSIGHT* (print & digital)
  • Unlimited access to our digital knowledge archive
  • 10 Futures Seminars with futurists and expert guests


Equip yourself with applied strategic foresight tools or learn how to strategically utilise the future for risk management. Grab yourself a seat at one of our popular courses, where you also get unique toolkits and certifications:

  • 10% discount on all our courses

*Our new publication FARSIGHT becomes effective from May 2022. Until then, you will receive the remaining issues of Scenario Magazine.

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