15 Global Megatrends

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15 Global Megatrends

What is a "Megatrend"? And how can you use it to make better long term decisions?

While it is true that the future can never be predicted, not all aspects of the future are equally unpredictable. There are relatively stable forces that play a huge role in determining outcomes. We call these Global Megatrends. In a principally unpredictable world, these trends stand out as the only relative certainty we have. 

Megatrends are the big drivers of change. They have massive consequences for all organisations in the medium term. Amongst the most important megatrends are automation, urbanisation, population growth, ageing, greater interconnectedness, globalisation, environmental change, and environmentalism.

Knowing and understanding the trajectories of megatrends is crucial for any decision-maker seeking to make more futures-informed decisions in an increasingly complex world.

Global Megatrends: Shaping the future of societies, economies, and values

This publication explores 15 megatrends that will shape the world in the decades to come while also illustrating how megatrends can be used practically in the context of future-proofing organisational strategy. Explore these big drivers of change, today!

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Megatrends are changing the world, the market and your company. The question isn’t if they will come true – only when and how! This talk provides you with insight into the broad lines and powerful forces that shape our lives and offer both threats and incredible opportunities for those who understand to navigate the changes.​

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