Download Report: Nordic Health 2030

Pioneering Tomorrow's Health: Preventive, Personalised, Participatory

The Nordic Health 2030 initiative embodies a commitment to a reimagining of the nordic healthcare system, steering it away from mainly treating illness, towards prevention, personalisation and participation.

The Nordic Health 2030 initiative is a call to action, recognising that health is foundational to societal progress. We invite you to join this initiative, with its clear-eyed focus on an actionable data-driven technological path forward. It is a blueprint for a future where health systems are humane, personalised and inclusive, with dignity running deep at its core.

The emotional, social, and financial cost of disease is not only borne by the individual and the family, but also by healthcare professionals and wider society, costing societies billions in addition to the billions spent on direct treatment.

The Nordic Health 2030 initiative emphasises a shift from the current sick-care paradigm and practices towards an integrated, preventive, and data-driven approach worthy of the 4th industrial revolution, ensuring direct access to healthcare for all, and the best and most equitable health outcomes for everyone, regardless of gender, background, or location.

The Nordic Health 2030 report outlines concrete actions for bringing this vision to life, such as improving health data mapping, data interoperability, ethical data handling, and promoting a Nordic Wellbeing Economy. It emphasises the importance of collaborative scenario and workstream planning for the future health landscape.

This ambition is underpinned by several key concepts:

The 5/5 Aspiration

Which aims to reallocate healthcare spending equally between early intervention/prevention and late intervention/treatment.

The Humanome data model

Designed to support personalised and preventive health services by maximising data usability and individuals' access to and control over their health data.

The Sustainable Health Model

Which illustrates how the flow of health-relevant data between individuals, organisations, and health systems can deliver real-time health insights and dramatically improve healthcare systems' performance and overall population health.

The struggle for fairness and equity has always been at the very heart of the Nordic
countries' most significant achievements. This initiative is the next natural step.

Join the Nordic Health Movement 2030

If you too are inspired by the well-founded vision of a fair and sustainable health system, leading with the "Nordic Way" across Europe and globally, and leveraging digital solutions built on trust, we want to hear from you.

All of the resources, know-how and technologies exist today to create a healthier environment for both health professionals and patients, reducing burnout, reducing patient disease burden, and shifting care beyond the hospital walls, all while upholding patient dignity.

Contact us at The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies to learn more, to initiate futures thinking projects or to join the Nordic Health 2030 initiative.