Bugge Holm Hansen
Head of Innovation and Technology
+45 30 23 01 70


Bugge has been actively exploring the potential impact of new technologies, such as the metaverse, web3, and AI, on society, businesses, culture, and individuals over the past few years. 

He started at CIFS as an associate partner in 2017 and was later appointed Head of Project for the Center for Future-Driven Sports and Entertainment Innovation in 2019. In 2022, he served as the Head of The Nordic Metaverse Summit, further diving into the impact on emerging technologies. 

With a Master's degree in Educational Science and Semiotics, combined with years of experience in consultancy work, Bugge has also been actively involved in various think tanks and political committees. For instance, he was part of developing Denmark's first national outdoor policy by converting a catalog of ideas into legislative proposals in the Danish Ministry of Environment's network for outdoor policy from 2012 to 2015. 

Bugge has lived and worked in several countries, including Argentina for five years, Spain for four years, and lived in Norway and France. Currently, he resides in Copenhagen.

Professional Summary

2023: Head of Innovation and Technology (CIFS) 

2022: Head of The Nordic Metaverse Summit (CIFS) 

2019-: Head of Project, Center for Future-driven Sports and Entertainment Innovation (CIFS)

2017-2023: Associated Partner & Special Advisor Sport, Digitalisation & Innovation (CIFS)

2001-: Partner, Luksus Media

2006: MA Educational Science & Semiotics

Fun Fact About Bugge

In the late '90s and '00s, Bugge was part of the Nordic outdoor and adventure scene and was part of bringing adventure and mountain culture from around the world to the Nordics. He has done several alpine climbs and adventure expeditions himself. He spends his spare time on the Nordic Adventure Film Festival (NAFF) - a yearly adventure film festival organised since 1997 and supported by the Danish film Institute.