Lasse Jonasson
Director & Futurist
+45 53 66 00 40


Lasse Jonasson is a senior futurist and director at the Institute heading the advisory department. Lasse is primarily engaged in advisory of organisations within long term strategic transitions through scenario planning, trend analysis, and development of organisational resilience. His competencies lie in anticipating changes and driving forces within industries and industry players, analysing new business models, and driving innovation and risk management frameworks.

Lasse co-wrote the report Transformation of trust: How blockchain and digital identity will change our world and presented its main conclusions at multiple events hosted in Copenhagen, Oslo and Brussels. Currently, Lasse is working on projects related to the financial sector, forthcoming Scenario Reports as well as various talks and workshops for clients in different sectors.

Lasse is primarily engaged with the areas technology, mobility, urban development and the financial sector. His competencies are centered around the integration of futures studies with strategy.

Professional Summary

Lasse has previously worked as an executive in the financial industry with strategic, operational and financial Risk Management, and with the application of technology in the financial industry. He has extensive knowledge with providing high-quality information for strategic decision-making from ATP, Credit Agricole and NETS. Lasse has a master’s degree in economics.

Fun Fact About Lasse

Lasse has a background as a semi-professional cyclist for the Danish Team Fakta and the Italian team Grassi-Mapei.