Martin Kruse
Senior Advisor & Futurist
+45 30 65 11 04


Martin is heading the research on Environment and Resources and foresight and futures studies at the Institute.

He has worked extensively with sustainability and was selected to join the expert panel providing recommendation on green growth for the G20 meeting. His work is focused on the food, energy, climate, water nexus, but he has also worked within building and housing and security. 

Selected talks include: Unilever, Maersk, Nobel, IKEA, Orsted, Lund University, Copenhagen Business School, The EU Commissions Expert Panel, Danish Energy Agency, Tekes, EnergyDenmark, Toyota, Bayer Crop  Science, and Arla.

Martin’s areas of expertise is within climate change, energy, food nexus, commodities, geopolitics, sustainability, green consumption, investment strategy and the methodology of future studies.

Projects include:
  • Solutions to mitigate climate change and assessment of Danish Strongholds for Innovation Fund Denmark
  • Strategic scenarios for Global Fortune 500 Company
  • Trend Analysis for Global Fortune 500 Company
  • Outlook for 2050. Government of United Arab Emirates/ Stress testing strategy for Maritime Industry
  • Emergent Risk Analysis for Global Fortune 500 Company
  • Environmental scanning and strategic scenarios for Global Fortune 500 Company
  • Strategy for Gambling Business
  • The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association: 2040 Four scenarios for Norway and Norwegian oil production
  • Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan.Global Trends and Their Impact on Service Innovation in Taiwan
  • Lantmännen Unibake. Scenarios for the development of food and energy prices
  • The Industries pension fund and Nordea Megatrends and investments - Identifying important areas of growth relevant for long-term investment
  • Bord Bia: Future scenarios for Irish Food and Drink.

Fun Fact About Martin

Martin is a passionate scuba diver and loves to be under water with his son, who is also a keen diver. When not underwater Martin may be found skydiving the skies above.