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Our futures are shaped by the decisions we make in the present. By becoming more conscious of how our understanding of the future guides these decisions, both in a professional and personal setting, we can make choices that are better informed and less clouded by biases and misguided assumptions. This report is an exploration of how to enable future-ready decision-making in organisations, through strategic foresight, and more future-conscious decisions on an individual level, through fostering futures literacy and broader inclusion of the public in futures work in general.

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The combination of futures thinking and strategic management is often referred to under the name ‘strategic foresight’. So, what is strategic foresight, and why do we need it? The short answer is that it is a set of techniques designed to improve organisational future-readiness and inform decision-making. It is not a way to predict the future, but a way to uncover the perspectives of many different futures in order to facilitate decisions based on that knowledge today.

Explore the vocabulary of the future

This report references a variety of terms used by futurists to describe the work they do. At first glance, some can seem confusing. What, for instance, is the difference between forecasting and foresight? What does it mean to be futures literate? When does a trend become a megatrend? To answer questions such as these, we have collected a glossary of terms often used in futures thinking.

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