Thomas Geuken
Associated Director
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Thomas Geuken is an expert in futures studies and upholds a role of associated director at the Institute. He is a professional keynote speaker, an author, a strategic futurist and leadership advisor. He loves to think creatively and publicly address future challenges of business, leadership and organisations. 

For the last 15 years, Thomas have had the privilege to be doing a lot of management keynotes in Scandinavia/EU and occasionally in the US. He spoke at M.I.T. ’s TEDx Europe conference about "How to bring ideas into action", "ground-breaking creativity" and at the Chambers of Commerce in New York about "Disruptive Management - How to liberate Management from its current prison".

As a leadership advisor and C-suite educator, Thomas has had the pleasure to work for companies such as Google, Volvo, IKEA Globale, Leo Burnett, Novo Nordisk, PWC, Deloitte, Nordea, COWI, Chambers of Commerce (US), Art Councils, United Nations Development Programs, Sony, Nordisk Film, TV2, Danish Broadcasting, University of Copenhagen, RUC, Business Academies & Colleges, Rigshospitalet, Regional Health services, 60+ municipalities and as a "special strategic advisor" for governments.

Professional Summary

Thomas has an educational background as a state-certified psychologist within the fields of clinical and business psychology. Prior to his life at the institute he was CEO for a Copenhagen based management consulting company for 15 years doing c-suite leadership training. 

Thomas’ first book in cooperation with the Institute was "All Dressed Up - But Nowhere to Go". It became a Scandinavian landmark book and gave voice to an entire generation of start-ups. It offers an alternative organisational framework and shows how passionate leaders could reignite their business by turning idealism, culture and progressive social awareness into huge commercial success.

Over the past fifteen years, he has authored 30+ provocative articles about the future of leadership, psychology and fascinating topics in the trajectories between arts, culture and business.

38 HR Trends for the Future

Thomas is the author of the report "38 HR Trends for the Future." The report aims to help HR professionals and leaders to both futureproof existing HR strategies and initiatives and innovate new ones as well as create internal HR thought-leader program that drives the overarching business transformation.

Fun Fact About Thomas

As a former music-studio and production company owner, and recently a game studio investor – Thomas loves creative business. On an edgy note - Thomas did write a super cool book: "Rock ‘n’ roll leadership – how to bring nerve and edginess back into your organization". And if you are lucky enough, you’ll be able to catch one of his rock-talk-shows with rock stars, currently featuring the danish legend and lead-singer Jesper Binzer from D.A.D.