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The pandemic gave leaders, HR departments, and employees a dress rehearsal of what awaits the future of people and organisations. It was as if all of us were participating in a global work experiment. It changed our worldviews and renewed employee expectations as to how, where, and why we work – a transformative journey!

Now in the pandemic’s aftermath, leaders within the field of Human Resources (HR) are faced with the responsibility to assist, mentor, and guide their companies into an unknown, post-pandemic future.

HR is finally being handed the torch and given a golden opportunity to step up and take charge of transforming and futureproofing organisations, work-practices, leadership- and workplace models, and our resulting company culture. To boldly create a ‘visionary winning strategy’ to drive and motivate profound organisational change.

"Trends, like horses, are easier to ride in the direction they are going"
John Naisbitt, author of "Megatrends: Ten New directions for our lives"

Three use-cases for the HR trend report

1) Futureproof your existing HR strategies and initiatives 2) Innovate new HR strategies and initiatives 3) Create your own internal HR thought-leader program that drives the overarching business transformation within your organisation and industry.

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Thomas' talks are provocative and inspirational, finessed by his storytelling skills and energetic personality. He instigates futures thinking by using scenarios to future-proof your organisation and leaves the audience with a feeling of optimism and new insight about how to think about the future.

Thomas is a state-certified psychologist within the fields of clinical and business psychology, Associate Director of the Institute, and an expert in futures studies and leadership.

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