What we do

We advise, we publish, host events, organise talks, and courses, and create and launch various joint-venture initiatives.

What we do


We conduct targeted research and support decision-making in organisations globally through scenario planning, megatrend & risk analysis, innovation processes, & strategic foresight.

How We Work

We are global leaders in the use of futurist methods developed to solve strategic organisational and business challenges. We apply the methodology to support our clients in future-proofing strategies, planning beyond forecasting, risk analysis as well as foresight-driven innovation processes. Our methods are tailored to meet your specific challenges and needs, which we will match with our specialist knowledge developed through decades of experience.

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We put together talks tailor-made to your organisation and interests.

Our advisors cover a broad range of expert areas, spanning over five decades of experience. We offer bespoke solutions, whether your organisation is a private entity, or a governmental institution. Click on a profile below and discover our experts.

Recent Talk

Carsten Beck spent the weekend in Vienna facilitating a talk regarding the future of advertising agencies and creativity in the age of AI technology. Are you looking for a speaker at your next event? Click below and discover our list of keynote presenters. We offer bespoke solutions, whether your organisation is a private entity, or a governmental institution. Read more below and discover our experts.

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We are a world leader in applying futures studies and foresight methodologies to specific societal and business challenges.


FARSIGHT is a quarterly publication that explores possible futures with the aim of provoking and inspiring change in the present. Analyses by our resident futurists are included alongside feature articles and interviews from an international team of freelance journalists and expert contributors so that each issue offers an extensive and multifaceted deep dive into a specific topic of interest to a broad range of readers and decision makers. Topics include urban futures, tech, mobility, AI, nature and sustainability, health, and geopolitics. Our guiding editorial principle is that the future can never be predicted, and that multiple possible futures exist at any given time. Our goal is to unfold the futures ahead in all their kaleidoscopic complexity and to help individuals better understand their own agency in shaping the world that they desire.
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Our publications are available for individual purchase. If you’re interested in checking out a specific publication, you’re at the right place. Buy digital versions of previous publications or buy print copies of the latest issue of FARSIGHT or any of our previously published publications.



We continuously launch various futures initiatives, from multi-stakeholder studies to collaborative think tanks and agenda-setting non-profit joint-ventures.