Bugge Holm Hansen

Unleashing the Potential of Innovation and Technology: Empowering Organisations to Embrace Emerging Tech and Radical Innovation?

Examples of Key Notes

  • Future-Proofing Your Organisation: Embracing Uncertainties and Innovation
  • Leading in the Age of AI: Embracing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Competitive Advantage
  • The Future of Education: Technology's Role in the world of Learning
  • Web4: The Next Evolution of the Internet - Unleashing the Power of Decentralisation
  • Building a Culture of Radical Innovation: Empowering Teams to Create the Future

About Bugge

Bugge Holm Hansen is a Senior Futurist and the Head of Innovation and Technology at the Institute. With a diverse background encompassing technology, culture, humans, and society, Bugge is a renowned keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. His passion lies in human-centric innovation and education, exploring the impact of emerging technologies across industries, such as Generative AI, Web4, Edtech, and more. Drawing from his academic background in educational science and semiotics, Bugge possesses a profound understanding of new technologies and their influence on individuals and society.

Bugge has been instrumental in collaborating with organisations, institutions, and companies, contributing to the development of a shared language around emerging tech, educational and outreach initiatives, and the ways in which technology and innovation can create new opportunities.

Featured as one of the world’s Top 50 Business Visionaries in Adello Magazine (2023)


Bugge holds a master’s degree in Educational Science & Semiotics from Copenhagen University. He has been living and working for over a decade around the world, including in Argentina, Spain, Norway, and France. Bugge brings a global perspective to his presentations and workshops. This international exposure enriches his understanding of the relationship between technology and its societal impact, enabling him to provide valuable insights to audiences and projects worldwide.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Bugge has been the driving force behind the establishment of the Center for Future Driven Sports & Entertainment Innovation at CIFS in 2019. He serves today as the curator for The Nordic Metaverse Summit. Furthermore, Bugge is a member of the DIESEL education committee at the Copenhagen Business Academy, among other trusted positions.

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