Bugge Holm Hansen

The ecosystem around Tourism, Sports and Entertainment is changing. What can your organization learn from these industries and what comes next?

Examples of Key Notes

  • Sports and Entertainment as driver for the Future
  • The Metaverse – Opportunities for the Sports, Entertainment and the Tourism industry
  • The Future of Gaming – trends, uncertainties and gabs to consider
  • 4 Scenarios after COVID-19 in the Tourism Industry
  • Mental Consequences of Social Distancing in Culture and Sports

About Bugge

Bugge Holm Hansen is a special advisor in Sports, Tourism, Entertainment, Education & Innovation, who has been working with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies since 2018. He is an international analytical, and strategic asset when it comes to decoding the future of our society, the future of companies and the future consumer needs in the intersection between sports, travel, education, technology, and outreach. His topics include The Future of Sports and Entertainment, Gaming, The Future of TourismMegatrendsThe Future ConsumerThe Future of Retail, and much more.

He has extensive experience in delivering key notes and presentations on various subjects. From global conference stages to smaller group-focused presentations and workshops; from New Balance, Velux and Innovation Norway to smaller SMEs and organizations.

Bugge is head of the Center for Future Driven Sports Innovation at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, which is a collaboration of visionary organisations and companies working together to explore the future of the sports and entertainment industry.


Bugge's academic background is an MA in Educational Science & Semiotics from Copenhagen University. Additionally, he has years of experience in consultancy. Besides his daily work, Bugge has been a part of several think tanks and political committees. Over a period of two years he has been involved in realising Denmark’s first national outdoor policies - from a catalogue of ideas to legislative proposals in the Ministry of Environment’s network

Since 1997, Bugge Hansen has worked as an expert in the field of sports, entertainment, media, and tourism – at the strategic business level as well as at the consumer level. His passion is to start a conversation about the changing verticals and identify the gaps and possibilities that lies ahead. This applies both to the industries where new technological opportunities are changing the name of the game, but also to the way the industries are organized. By looking at megatrends, drivers and blockers, companies and organizations can develop a structured approach to the future – both locally and globally.

Over the last decade, Bugge has lived and worked at various spots in Europe and South America. Currently, he lives in Copenhagen with his wife and two children.

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