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We put together talks tailor-made to your organisation and interests.

Whether you are planning an event or a meeting for clients or colleagues, big or small, physical or digital – the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies can provide you with key insights into the trends and scenarios shaping your future. Based on your expectations and the Institute's expertise we tailor our presentations with a keen focus on future trends and implications for your audience.

Why does your audience want to know about the future? Besides the fact that most people find the future fascinating, it is at the same time clear that more and more organisations face an increasing amount of challenges and changes that might radically alter their future. Our presentations provide you with insights, analyses and ideas on how the future might unfold in your organisational context.

Start your event by diving into key trends affecting your future or end your event with a new and radical perspective on which scenarios might be of importance for you.

The Institute delivers more than 200 presentations each year worldwide. All our presentations are tailored in close collaboration with you based on your wishes and expectations in terms of content and style of presentation. No matter whether your event has 1000+ participants or a small select team, the Institute will be ready to be the advocate for the future.

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