Martin Kruse

A futurist, panel expert and polymath, working with sustainability, foresight and innovation for 20 years.

Examples of Keynotes

  • The Rise of the Hydrogen Economy?
  • Future of Sustainability and the Circular Economy
  • Are Consumers Acting on Climate Change?
  • Cities, Climate and Circularity Construction
  • The Future of Agriculture and Risks to the Agritech Industry
  • Why Foresight? - How to Build Foresight Capabilities in Organisations
  • Course: Master of Innovation

About Martin

Martin heads the research on environment and resources, as well as foresight and futures studies at the Institute. He is a strategy consultant and foresight analyst experienced in advising top management in various industries on issues of strategic concern. His inherent passion for futures studies started in a trivial manner, leading him to become the first intern at the Institute. He has since become an expert panelist on green growth at the G20 summit and frequently advises blue chip companies across the globe. Since 2003, he has helped clients better understand the trends, risks and opportunities that make up their external environment, focusing on sustainability, circularity and the climate change-food-energy-water nexus.


Martin educational background is out of semiotics, the study of signs like early warning and weak signals, and wrote his thesis on scenarios and futures studies. He has worked extensively with sustainability and was selected to join the expert panel to provide recommendations on green growth for the G20 meeting. Although his work is primarily focused on the food-energy-climate-water nexus, but he has also worked within building and housing and security as well as creativity and innovation.

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