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The world is rapidly changing. If we are to have a safe, fair, and prosperous society in the future and a healthy planet to live on, it requires the ability to visualize change, think innovatively, navigate uncertainty, and create consensus on future solutions.


With your support, we will combat future anxiety and apathy by fostering initiative, future engagement, and diversity of ideas which will support transformation, involvement, and innovation in society.

Everyone should have the right and ability to imagine and create the best possible future for themselves, society, and the planet. That's why we need your help.

Through collaborations, we equip decision-makers to address future major societal issues and provide organisations with the skills to act on the future today

Your donation supports our work

All donations are currently earmarked for our work with Teach the Future. We work to bring the future into the classroom with the ambition to democratize the future and simultaneously enhance the future skills of Danish children and youth to better explore, understand, and act on the future.

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Our Purpose

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is an independent, non-profit think tank established in 1969 on the initiative by former Danish Minister and OECD Secretary-General Professor Thorkil Kristensen.

Our purpose is to help people and organisations imagine, work with, and shape their future. 

Never in recent history has it been more important for people and organisations to better navigate uncertainty, build futures optimism and create meaningful change. By building the capabilities necessary to address potential futures we help create a society fit to meet the challenges and grasp the opportunities we face. Essentially, we empower you with the skills to act on the future. 

We do this by applying our unique approach to futures studies and foresight, combined with more than 50 years of global experience and contributions to the field, working with organisations across the public, private, academic, and civic sectors, as well as with the general public. Being independent of commercial and political interests enables an objective approach and allows for all profits to go exclusively to fund further research and non-profit initiatives.  

The future belongs to no one, yet to everyone. Our vision is a futures literate world where everyone has the right and mandate to engage with the future, participate, and visualise change, so they can create the best possible future for themselves, society, and the planet. We firmly believe this will help build a more prosperous, equal, and safe future. 

We support the United Nations’ Common Agenda, which identifies foresight (a futures capability) as part of their Quintet of Change, and we are committed to the Common Principles for Future Generations. 

All of the Institute’s profits are allocated to further futures studies and to realising our purpose.