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Sign up now to become a member of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and support our work towards the betterment of society. We strive to equip and inspire individuals and organisations to act on the future, today.

A Futures membership is for individuals who are curious about how our societies will evolve in the future.


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As a Futures Member of the Institute, you will learn how to use the future, gain knowledge and insights into trends and uncertainties that will challenge your mind, and get the chance to develop futures capabilities. All while supporting our work towards the betterment of society.



We are a world leader in applying futures studies and foresight methodologies to specific societal and business challenges.

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Futures Reviewed

FARSIGHT is a quarterly publication that explores possible futures with the aim of provoking and inspiring change in the present. Analyses by our resident futurists are included alongside feature articles and interviews from an international team of freelance journalists and expert contributors so that each issue offers an extensive and multifaceted deep dive into a specific topic of interest to a broad range of readers and decision makers. Topics include urban futures, tech, mobility, AI, nature and sustainability, health, and geopolitics.

A Digital Only Subscription includes:
  • Four annual issues of FARSIGHT in digital format. Available on desktop..
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