Sofie Hvitved

How can your organisation act on today's reality and navigate the many possible futures of media and technology?

Examples of Keynotes

  • The Metaverse - How will it affect society, companies and you?
  • AI & The Future of Synthetic Media
  • How to Navigate in the Future Media Landscape
  • The Liquid Consumer
  • The Future of Gaming
  • Future Media Trends - A New Digitalised Reality
  • What is the future of outreach?

About Sofie

Sofie Hvitved is a Senior Advisor in Media & Technology and has been working with the Institute since 2018. She is strongly engaged in the intersection between media, data, entertainment, and technology. Her focus lies within the development and execution of strategy and innovation projects in the media and tech landscape. She makes frequent appearances in the media and is quoted as being among the most interesting people in Europe to talk to about the Future of the Media, the role we can play as citizens, directly and indirectly, in shaping our societies.

She has extensive experience in delivering key notes and presentations on various media and tech subjects, including being one of the leading experts in the development of the metaverse. From global conference stages to smaller group-focused presentations and workshops; from Australian Broadcasting Cooperation (ABC), Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Innovation Norway to smaller SMEs, organisations, and conferences like Copenhagen Future TV Conference, CopenX Realities and RovioCon. Topics include The Metaverse, The Future Consumer, Megatrends, Future Media, Creator Economy and much more.

Sofie is especially interested in the new logics of the media landscape and how to ensure that we ask the right questions and have the best overview of trends and megatrends. 


She has an MA in Media Science from Aarhus University and has a solid strategic background in the media industry, among others from The Danish National Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and as project manager on the media conferences, New Media Days. She is also a member of the Media Board (2022-2026), and part of the jury of the International News Media Association's INMA Awards 2022. In addition, she has been working with magazine publishing, digitisation, and technology and has handled a wide range of consultancy projects worldwide, where she draws on her broad theoretical and practical knowledge from the media industry. Sofie has lived and worked in various cities in Europe and South America and is currently living in Copenhagen.

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