Simon Fuglsang Østergaard

Advising clients through scenario planning, trend analysis, and strategic foresight broadly.

Examples of Key Notes

  • Using the Future
  • Applied Strategic Foresight - Bringing Futures Study into Strategy
  • Rethinking Higher Education - Structural Transformation on the Horizon

About Simon

As a Futurist and Senior Advisor, Simon has led and participated in many advisory processes to explore long-term strategic implications through scenario planning, trend analysis and strategic foresight broadly. He has worked with high-level national and international clients and stakeholders across business and society. On a day-to-day basis Simon works intensively with exploring how shifts in technology, demographics and people’s behavior raise critical uncertainties for societies and businesses across the board. He takes a special interest in exploring how the nature and purpose of higher education will undergo significant changes to accommodate the profound technological and demographic shifts in societies and job markets of the 21st century digital economy. Additionally, over the past few years, Simon has developed and facilitated our Applied Strategic Foresight course – "Bringing Futures Studies into Strategy".


Simon has been part of the Institute since 2016 and has a background from Aarhus Business School. Prior to joining the Institute, Simon worked with the Danish Technological Institute.

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