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How will key trends influence your organisation and market?

Examples of Keynotes

  • The Future Consumer Landscape Post COVID-19 - How the Event Industry Can Make a Comeback
  • Scenarios for Global Retail
  • Border Regions in Europe - Future Perspectives
  • The Future of Work
  • Changes in Danish and European Values and Beliefs
  • Scenarios and Trends: Tools for Analysing the Future of CSR
  • Consumer Perspectives in the Travel Industry
  • The Future of Physical Meetings
  • Technology and Work: New Opportunities
  • How We as Individuals Perceive the Future

About Carsten

Carsten Beck delivers keynotes and presentations for a wide variety of sectors and audiences. Topics includes Future of Work, The Consumer of the Future, Macro trends affecting markets and societies and much more. The future fascinates all of us. And even though we can’t predict the future, learning about trends and scenarios are an important step in creating better futures for people, organisations and societies. Carsten Beck has been exploring the future with high energy and enthusiasm together with audiences in more than 30 countries for more than 30 years. From global stages to smaller group-focused presentations and workshops; from IKEA, Siemens, Google, Swarovski and Cisco to Roskilde Festival, local schools and NGOs. The future is fun – and sometimes scary. But no matter what, a positive attitude and spirit when talking about and presenting the future is important. 

Thanks to Carsten Beck for an exciting and inspiring presentation at DBI's Security Day. It was a captivating lecture, humorously delivered, and we were helped to look towards 2035 and the megatrends of our time in a clear and understandable way.
Maiken Skriver Poulsen, DBI
We, in the management group at U/NORD, have had the great pleasure of listening to Carsten Beck's presentation, "Education for the Future." Carsten appeared extremely competent and knowledgeable, delivering his messages with humour and enthusiasm. The management group was highly enthusiastic about Carsten's presentation; they felt both inspired and well-entertained, and they food for thought on both their operational practices in their own department and their leadership approach. Several leaders have already expressed a desire for us to invite Carsten again to talk about one of his other areas of expertise.
Marie Louise Mailand, U/NORD
"Carsten always brings the big movements and trends into tangible and understandable facts. His way of using storytelling, always with a big smile, big heart and very knowledgeable approach is a very good way of creating awareness and interest of how to navigate here and now, moving forward. Carsten is a great listener and brings perspectives into the dialogue, I really enjoy bouncing ideas and reflections with him!"
- Jenny Hjalmar Åkerblad, Leadership & Competence Manageer, IKEA
"The Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies played an important role in our long term strategy discussions. Carsten’s presentation challenged us to think outside the box of our tangible, short term business assumptions, which is fundamental in the process of envisioning the future of our business."
- Mariana Mynarski, Global Marketing Manager, Fitesa
"We had a very inspiring day with Carsten Beck, who made us think about which competencies the future demands. We are excited to keep working with this."
- Betina Helle Schytte, Secretariat Manager, DTU Biosustain
"As a business in constant motion, and which is driven by future trends and tendencies, it seemed very natural to book a talk with Carsten. The talk was interesting, informative, and entertaining. With its relevant subjects and tailored points, the talk was a big success. Carsten is a skilled and engaging speaker, who is able to keep the audience's attention throughout the entire talk!"
- Charlotte Hansen, Bestseller A/S
”The police force is highly affected by society - locally, nationally, and globally - and therefore, it was valuable for us to look into the megatrends of the future with Carsten. Carsten presented the material in a present and relevant way - perfect to kickstart a process of reflection about the future of the police force."
- Top management in South Jutland's Police (Syd- og Sønderjyllands Politi)


Carsten Beck has a background in Political Economy. He has been working at the Institute for 30+ years and has been working in 30+ countries. Carsten Beck is one of the most popular keynote presenters in Denmark. Based on the insights created together with colleagues at the Institute and global clients, Carsten brings new perspectives, new cases and lots of enthusiasm to any conversation related to the future.

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