Tamira Snell

Advises on changes in behaviour, lifestyles and consumption.

Examples of Keynotes

  • Consumer Patterns and Behavioural Changes
  • Human Beings - New Demands in the Future
  • Digitisation and Behavioural and Consumption Patterns of the Future
  • The New Healthconsumer
  • Man and The City - How Will We Live in the Future?
  • Individuality and Community in the Future
  • Dreams as a Method of Innovation

About Tamira

Tamira Snell's primary area of interest is people. The pursuit of understanding how we live, feel, think, act and consume the way we do, is the fuel to Tamira's engine of knowledge. Her talks are based on the dynamics between societal currents, cultural shifts and the emergence of new patterns of behaviour. Tamira adds value by combining the macro perspective on changes in the global community with behavioural analyses and needs on the micro level, in order to better consult and advise organisations on navigating a world in a constant state of change.

Tamira has been a ‘lighthouse’ throughout our Future Hearing Journeys project. She has an outstanding ability to quickly understand, analyse and synthesize what our needs are, and guide us in the right direction with ease and in an efficient manner. Thanks to her knowledge, expertise, and experience about future studies, trend analysis and scenario building, we have now developed and created 4 scenarios for the international hearing care sector in 3 months.
- Ena Nielsen, Assoc. Director, The IDA Institute
In a period of great uncertainty for the entire experience industry, Tamira’s talk about changes in consumer behaviour and needs at Horesta’s annual conference, offered an inspiring perspective for our 450 participants.
- Henrik Messmer, Director of Communications, Horesta
Tamira’s talk on megatrends and their implications on consumers and retail, provided a valuable outlook and input at our Leaders Lab for our international top management group.
- Allan Nørgaard, HR & Academy Director, Kvik


Tamira holds a degree in cultural sociology and spent many years abroad, before eventually relocating back to Denmark. She has worked positions such as Lead Insight Analyst in KPMG, Trend Ethnographer at Flensby & Partners, and Insight Lead in Nordic Health Lab. Her work as a Futurist at the Institute, allows her to do what she does best; bridge the gap between the present and the future to define new opportunity spaces for innovation.

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