Thomas Geuken

C-Suite management educator and a kickstarter of futures thinking.

Examples of Keynotes

  • A Journey into the Future - The Impact of Megatrends (tailored to your context)
  • The New Normal - How to Use COVID-19 as a Catalyst to Future-proof Our Businesses
  • The Future of Work, Workforce and Workplace
  • The Future of Education and Learning
  • The 5 megatrends Reshaping Our Lives to Come
  • The Future of HR, Leadership & Organisations
  • The Future of People and Robots - Artificial Intelligence
  • What Drives Cultural Consumption in the Future?
  • The Future Mindset of the CEO & C-suite
  • The Future of Mental Health

About Thomas

Associate Director, futurist, state certified clinical and leadership psychologist, author and a musician - Thomas Geuken is a jack of all trades and a master of them all. Over the past fifteen years, he's authored and been interviewed for more than three dozen articles regarding the future, leadership, psychology, and the art of business. His books "All Dressed Up - But Nowhere To Go" and "Rock'n'Roll Leadership" challenge the status quo on leadership and organisational thinking, offering alternative organisational frameworks to obtain commercial success. Thomas' talks are provocative and inspirational, finessed by his storytelling skills and energetic personality. He instigates futures thinking by using scenarios to future-proof your organisation and leaves the audience with a feeling of optimism and new insight about how to think about the future.

Thomas is an incredible energetic and exciting person, who will deliver great inspiration and food for thought when you listen to his observations on the future of our society. I can highly recommend Thomas as a motivational speaker, if you want to move, challenge and motivate you audience on how our future evolves into different scenearios, and how you need to find yourself within that.
- Martin Trolle, Managing Directer, Techdata
I’ve hired Thomas as keynote speaker on two occasions, one business conference and one project kick-off. He is a fascinating speaker, extremely inspiring and energizing. His deep knowledge and research background creates an atmosphere of true expertise. Participants put his courage and insights very high enabling them to challenge their organisations to become more innovative.
- Erik Kayser, Partner, Implement Consulting Group
Jeg må til tasterne for at anbefale Thomas, som holdt et af de mest inspirerende oplæg om vores “fremtider”. Han var levende , engageret og yderst inspirerende. jeg noterede og noterede – og har efterfølgende kunnet citere Thomas mange gange. Både i min undervisning, til udvikling af forretninger og ikke mindst til inspiration både til egne og andres virksomheder. Tak Thomas for din inspiration – og dit blændende oplæg.
- Tine Weppler, Director, Gyldendals Forlag


Thomas graduated in 1999 from University of Copenhagen with a Master's Degree in Psychology. Besides co-founding a string of startups across industries, he became an associate to the Institute in 2005, and progressed toward his current role of Associate Director. He has worked as a strategic advisor for organisations across many industries, ranging from Google and Nordisk Film to governments and municipalities, making him a true Swiss Army knife in the field of advisory and talks.

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