Lasse Jonasson

Advises on the integration of strategic thinking and foresight within urban development and the financial industry.

Examples of Keynotes

  • Strategy and Foresight - How to prepare for an uncertain future
  • Urban Futures - How Cities Will Transform in the Coming Decades

About Lasse

Futurist, Lasse Jonasson, is the director of Advisory at the Institute. Over the past 5 years, he has been advising top level management on how to prepare for the future, within urban development, risk management and strategy. He has a long history of communicating long term structural changes within an organisation, through scenario planning, trend analysis and organisational resilience. Lasse co-wrote the report "Transformation of Trust: How Blockchain and Digital Identity Will Change Our World" and presented its main conclusions at multiple events hosted in Copenhagen, Oslo and Brussels. Currently, Lasse is working on projects related to urban futures, the financial sector, and forthcoming Scenario Reports as well as various talks and workshops for clients in different sectors. With 15 years of experience in advising a diverse range of organisations, Lasse has a keen eye for communicating and aiding the implementation of strategic thinking and foresight in both private and public institutions. He manages to demonstrate his professional expertise in a comprehendible way, whilst still engaging the audience.

"Lasse facilitated a super inspirational talk at our strategy seminar, where he successfully illustrated megatrends in digitisation, democratisation, and individuality, and managed to make it very concrete and relevant to our industry."
- Annemette Fuglsang, Director, Renosyd


Lasse has previously worked as an executive in the financial industry, focusing on the strategic implications of changing business models and technological development in a highly competitive landscape. He has a Master's degree in Business Economics from Copenhagen Business School.

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