Nicklas Larsen

Facilitator and keynote speaker on futures literacy.

Examples of Keynotes

  • Decolonize, Democratise, and Participate: Perspectives on Futures Literacy
  • Embracing Uncertainty, Improving Decision-Making, and Democratising Tomorrow
  • Futures studies and the artistic and creative practice
  • Speculative futures: Where Are the Entry Points for Public Imagination about the Future?
  • Approaching future generations and intergenerational equity

About Nicklas

Nicklas works to cultivate anticipatory capabilities for individuals and organisations through futures and foresight. He speaks, writes, teaches, and advises on futures thinking with an aspiration to democratise futures literacy through arts, culture, and education.

Recently, he was appointed senior curator for UNESCO’s Futures Literacy Summit, and he has been on the SteerCo for the Future Oriented Museum Synergies network organised by Museum of Tomorrow International. As the Danish node in UNESCO’s Global Futures Literacy Network, Nicklas is committed to establishing the Danish UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Leadership and Futures Capabilities together with Aarhus University as the regional platform for futures literacy and anticipatory practices. Furthermore, he acts as the educational lead on the newly established Tech the Future hub and has integrated futures studies in various curricula across art, design, and business domains in Denmark.

Nicklas is behind the interview series "Applied Futurism", where he explores the future as a source for hope, social innovation, and sustainable development together with pioneers in the field, the ‘Futures shaping art – Art shaping futures’ research project, as well as ‘Using the Future - Embracing Uncertainty, Improving Decision-Making and Democratising Tomorrow’.


Nicklas has been in the field of futures studies and practiced large scale strategic foresight and thought leadership projects for almost a decade. Hence, his portfolio spans from futures of retail (IKEA) to public service broadcasting (NRK + DR), coalition building for a sustainable health agenda in the Nordics (Nordic Health 2030) and in Canada (Canada health 2030), catastrophic and existential risks (OECD GFC), as well as art and tech as vehicles to imagine different futures (ARKEN MOMA), to name a few.

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