Nicklas Larsen

Facilitator and keynote speaker on futures literacy.

Examples of Keynotes

  • Pull from the Future, Push from the Present, Weight from the Past
  • Using the Future - Embracing Uncertainty, Improving Decision-Making and Democratising Tomorrow
  • Where Are the Entry Points for Public Imagination about the Future?
  • Decolonize, Democratise and Participate: Futures Literacy
  • How We as Individuals Perceive the Future

About Nicklas

Nicklas works with educational and cultural institutions to democratise and decolonise futures thinking by fostering the capability of futures literacy through talks, workshops and projects. As the Danish node in UNESCO’s Global Futures Literacy Network, Nicklas is working to establish the Institute as an UNESCO Chair in Applied Futures Studies, and as the regional platform for integrating Futures Literacy into society. Nicklas’ expertise in futures methodologies, and as CIFS’ chief researcher on Culture and Arts, helps audiences challenge dominant images of the future, and to understand how public and cultural institutions have the opportunity to decentralise the future, transform audiences into participants, enable new publicly shared images of desired futures, and welcome the individual to challenge boundaries and identify seeds of change. In his work, he draws on his experience as a SteerCo member of the Futures Oriented Museum Synergies network, as Senior Curator for the High-Level UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit, and through his section in SCENARIO Magazine: "Applied Futurism", where he explores the future as a source for hope, social innovation, and sustainable development together with pioneers in the field.


While being an integral part of the Institute‘s 'Future of Health' department, which is behind several international thought leading multistakeholder foresight projects that explore trajectories and scenarios for sustainable and preventative healthcare in the future, Nicklas’ portfolio of futures projects is diverse. It spans from futures of retail (IKEA), to public service broadcasting (NRK + DR), coalition building for a sustainable health agenda in the Nordics (Nordic Health 2030) and in Canada (Canada health 2030), catastrophic and existential risks (OECD GFC), art and tech as vehicles to imagine different futures (ARKEN MOMA), to name a few.

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