Scenarios: Blockchain competitiveness in the energy sector

We’ve put together a strong and diverse multi-stakeholder panel with expertise from across the energy sector value chain, blockchain in energy, and energy innovation in general to explore the Danish energy sector towards 2030 from a blockchain perspective.

The overall objective of the panel was to contribute to a futures-oriented conversation and facilitate a shared understanding of how blockchain can be translated into competitiveness in the Danish energy sector and across Danish industry. The outset was that the future role of blockchain and derived competitiveness depends on many aspects outside the potential and maturity of the technology itself. Hence, there is a need to consider different plausible blockchain scenarios that encapsulates wider developments across industry and society.

Over the course of a series of co-creational workshop, the panel identified key drivers, their potential impacts, as well as the critical uncertainties surrounding them. Ultimately, this has resulted in a set of future scenarios for blockchain competitiveness in the Danish energy sector towards 2030.

This panel initiative feeds into the wider work of the Blockchain Academy Network – supported by the Danish Industry Foundation – to generate knowledge and insight about blockchain competitiveness opportunities and challenges across Danish industry.

The panel initiative is part of the Blockchain Academy Network initiative funded by Industriens Fond.

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