Pandemics: Existential Risks & Enablers of Change

New report on the societal impacts of pandemics in a past-present-futures perspective.

Pandemics: Existential risks and enablers of change, launch video

Pandemics are agents of creative destruction that expose the critical vulnerabilities and inequalities in societies, while supercharging innovation through necessity. Often, pandemics act as expressways to the future that force us to reassess the status quo, break away from engrained modes of thought, and overhaul our systems and structures. The COVID-19 crisis we find ourselves dealing with is no exception. The world has been shaken and old orthodoxies are dying. Now is the time to decide where we go from here.

This report examines the societal impacts of pandemics in a past-present-futures perspective and outlines how tools and capabilities like scenario planning, megatrend analysis, and futures literacy can be used to reimagine and chart out our post-pandemic trajectories.

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