Code of Conduct

At the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS), we commit ourselves to fostering a more prosperous, equal, and safe future by building a futures literate world where everyone has the right and mandate to engage with the future, participate, and visualise change. Guided by our vision and mission, we adhere to principles that not only shape our work but also define our organisation’s interactions both internally and externally. This Code of Conduct outlines the ethical framework and values that underpin our organisation's culture and operations. We believe in equity and equality, and therefore in acknowledging the equal value of all people. We believe in openness, transparency and an upstanding culture. We believe in integrity, in not compromising on our core beliefs, in being accountable, and in taking personal and social responsibility. And we believe in inclusiveness, the value of impartiality, and embracing diversity of perceptions and backgrounds. These core values guide our interactions, decision-making processes, and define our collective identity.

1. Commitment to Equality and Equity:

  • We recognize and respect the inherent worth of every individual, treating all people with dignity and fairness.
  • We strive to create opportunities that allow for the equitable participation of all, regardless of their background or status.
  • We embrace and celebrate differences, ensuring our community is inclusive of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. We promote an inclusive environment that values diversity with regard to all the characteristics.

2. Openness and Transparency:

  • We conduct our affairs and interactions with honesty and openness, aspiring to our actions being consistent with our words.
  • Every member of CIFS is encouraged to actively participate in upholding these principles, voicing concerns whenever they may be at risk.
  • We maintain transparency in our operations, making information accessible to our stakeholders, while respecting privacy and confidentiality.
  • We champion an open and transparent dialogue among our colleagues, believing that such exchanges, conducted with academic integrity and professional respect, enrich our research community and contribute to the depth and breadth of our work.
  • In all discussions and publications, we maintain a commitment to the highest standards of academic integrity, ensuring that differing viewpoints are explored in a respectful and professional manner.

3. Integrity and Accountability:

  • We uphold our core beliefs and principles even in the face of adversity, ensuring our actions always align with our mission.
  • We take personal and collective responsibility for our actions, acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them to improve.
  • As an independent, nonprofit think tank dedicated to delivering innovative and high-quality interdisciplinary research, our commitment to academic integrity is paramount; we ensure our work is conducted free of political bias and independently from special interests. We do so by ensuring our work and research is conducted in adherence to the internal editorial guidelines. This approach allows us to produce impactful, forward-thinking research across a range of disciplines, free from external influence.
  • We receive support from various sources, including foundations, governments, corporations, and individuals, for our research initiatives. Yet, to preserve our effectiveness and autonomy, all funding is vetted and accepted based on alignment with our mission and academic independence. This includes retaining full control over research and organisational decisions. CIFS will not accept funding that compromises our decision-making authority or restricts our academic freedom to conduct and share our research and recommendations.
  • To maintain high levels of professionalism and scholarly integrity, ensuring the quality of CIFS's outputs, all staff and partners are required to adhere to the lnstitute's publication review standards, including information veracity.

4. Social Responsibility:

  • We are committed to making a positive impact on society, considering the broader consequences of our actions.
  • Our conduct is directly linked to our vision, which is a futures literate world where everyone has the right and mandate to engage with the future, participate, and visualise change, so they can create the best possible future for themselves, society, and the planet.
  • We engage in practices that promote human rights, and the betterment of our society.

5. Inclusiveness and Diversity:

  • We embrace and value the diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, believing that a diverse and inclusive environment enriches our organisation.
  • We foster a culture of impartiality, where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to contribute to our shared goals.

All members, employees, and affiliates of our organisation are expected to embody
these values in their daily actions and interactions.

This Code of Conduct serves as a living document, reflecting our dedication to upholding the highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity. By adhering to these principles, we collectively foster a culture of respect and shared purpose.