Whether through smaller happenings at the Institute, open public inspirational sessions, or global futures festivals & conferences, we aspire to be the principal facilitators of insight about potential futures.

Interested in collaborating on an event, or having us join yours?

Public Events

The Institute creates and hosts a variety of own events, but we also collaborate on creating experiences with partners such as The Royal Danish Theatre, UNESCO, or Arken Museum of Modern Art. We take part in third-party events for the public, such as various futures summits, tech conferences, or start-up festivals.

Members’ Events

The Institute also hosts a series of more exclusive events for members of the Institute. These include specific inspirational sessions as well as pre-launch and presentation of our quarterly research reports.

Organisational Events

The Institute can also help our various organisations on request, on their own internal events. It may be a company asking for an employees-event about potential futures in their line of work, or a government branch looking for inspiration to energise their staff and implement long-term thinking in all functions.