Anticipatory Leadership

How to lead your organisation in times of uncertainty and complexity.

Anticipatory Leadership

Why we work with Anticipatory Leadership

Pandemic, war, economic turmoil, broken supply chains and climate crisis; most leaders are getting overwhelmed by the uncertainty and complexity in the contextual environment they must deal with. At the same time, new technology, new ways of working, and rapidly shifting demands from the workforce is pushing for changes from the inside.  

Strategic decisions in these conditions are extremely difficult, but they are non the less necessary. And not taking the tough strategic decisions is also a choice.  

Traditional leadership theories are often based on the fundamental idea that we can plan and predict our future. A reality that today's leaders cannot recognise. This is causing most of the traditional leadership tools to fall short, creating a situation where leaders and organisations find themselves paralysed and incapable of acting timely.    

Anticipatory leadership is about including a long-term vision and an understanding of continuous change in daily management. It is about establishing the organisation's culture, processes, management style, and even strategy on new analogies, such as ecosystem thinking rather than industrial logic.  

Organisations that maintain their competitive advantage over time have shared traits. They scan their environment to identify relevant changes, ensure ongoing dialogue and learning, and mobilise resources to create change towards a desired future.  

Anticipatory leaders are leaders that cultivate these qualities within an organisation.   

Book an inspirational talk 

Inspire your organisation with insights about the required mindset and tools behind anticipatory leadership. We offer customised talks, to allow you and your organisation to understand the changing requirements and to reflect upon how your vision, your strategy, and your operations could be adjusted to the new conditions. 

Duration: 30-60 minutes 

Expand your knowledge through a workshop 

Based on an inspirational talk (see above) we guide you through reflections on how your organisation can meet tomorrow’s requirements within vision, strategy, and operations through a more futures-oriented mindset.  

Through a presentation of Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies' (CIFS) megatrends we will allow you to reflect upon how the overall changes in the years to come will influence your organisation - establishing a foundation for making your organisation futures ready! 

Duration: Half day or full day workshop 

Future Proof your organisation 

Through interviews, dedicated research, and co-creational workshops we will guide you through our concept:  a) scanning your environment to identify relevant long-term changes; b) understanding how these changes impact your organisation, and how you can respond; c) setting up a vision and actions to mobilise resources to create the changes towards your desired future.  

Duration: 1-6 months depending on scope 

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibility for talks, workshops, and projects, please contact our Focus Area Expert, Lasse Jonasson.

Publication: A Clearer Role for the Board

In 2021, the Aarhus University School of Management and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies conducted a research project to investigate the role of company boards in maintaining organisational future preparedness.

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