Facilitating the future of health – in the Nordics and around the globe.


Healthy people and healthy communities are essential in building inclusive societies.

Health is one of the major focus areas of the Institute. We engage in projects and initiatives with major international health agencies, governments, corporations and non-profit organisations to address the most pressing challenges of healthcare today, and those that are likely to arise in the future. The overall goal is to increase resilience of healthcare systems.

We are engaged in conducting research and expert interviews, in producing workshops and round tables, in analysis and comparison, and sharing of the findings. We are building cross country networks of healthcare innovators across all major healthcare stakeholders: regulators, health officials, the medical profession, leaders of patients’ organisations, health industry leaders.

Nordic Health 2030 Movement

We are part of the Nordic Health 2030 Movement. A vision, process, and product of a gathering of over 30 leading decision makers across the Nordics during 2019, who all acknowledged the need for and the value in turning towards preventive health and agreed to develop a collaborative network for achieving this goal.

The Nordic Health 2030 Magazine

This publication aims to propose a vision for healthcare that will ensure a set of robust, sustainable, and resilient life conditions for future generations. The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies’ collaborative exploration of the topic has led to some bold conclusions about what is needed to improve the state of health in the Nordics towards 2030, as well as the identification of what could be the best catalysts for a preventive health revolution.


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