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We offer a partnership tailored for foresight practitioners—a partnership aimed at empowering you to succeed in your role within your organisation by understanding your challenges and supporting you in value creation. Our goal is to support you in achieving success by assisting in building your foresight capabilities and keeping up-to-date with the evolving landscape of the foresight discipline.

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Thanks to CIFS’ invaluable knowledge, expert network and ability to bring futures thinking into strategy, all AXA colleagues are now equipped to understand main trends likely to emerge in the years ahead and better navigate uncertain times.
- Olivier Desbiey, Group Head of Foresight, AXA
In CIFS we've found a partner that requires us to look up and out, bringing the discipline of foresight to our busy schedule.
- Britt Boeskov, SVP STRATEGY, Better Collective

Futures Partners

Become futures thought leaders through co-branding with the Institute and support a non-profit to do futures research.

Become a Futures Partner to Unlock:

Strategic Foresight Sparring

Organisations with a structured approach to strategic foresight outperform organisations who do not prepare for an increasingly uncertain future. We provide continuous actionable research through:

Ongoing sparring with CIFS foresight experts, leveraging the experience of CIFS advisors on foresight methods, and drawing on their extensive experience across various industries.

A peer-to-peer network where practitioners can engage in sparring sessions to understand how the role of foresight is evolving through shared experiences.

Our Foresight Maturity Survey provides insights into how well-aligned your strategy, foresight needs, and foresight capabilities are.

Next-Level Upgrades

Many organisations do not know where to start, when it comes to working effectively with the future. Together, we identify where strategic foresight can make the biggest difference in your organisation through either:

1) One tailor-made presentation about a topic of your choice OR 2) Two course seats on one of our popular courses

10% discount on the first DKK 200.000 in project spending

Access to Our Foresight Practitioners Network

The Foresight Practitioners Network is a peer-to-peer network tailored to empower foresight practitioners within organizations. With this network we assist practitioners in overcoming challenges, enhancing their foresight capabilities, and staying updated on the evolving role of foresight by engaging in shared experiences during sparring sessions.

Insight & Inspiration

Broaden your horizon on future possibilities and stay updated on key trends and developments through:

4 x FARSIGHT (print & digital), unlimited access to our digital knowledge archive, and Futures Seminars with futurists and expert guests

Learn How We Work With Foresight

Learn more about our principles when working with strategic foresight in organisations. We have a long history and proven track-record of working with corporations and organisations worldwide, applying strategic foresight to specific societal and business challenges.

We have compiled and refined the principles from our own extensive experience, as well as drawn inspiration from other thinkers and practitioners within the field. Organisations with a culture of strategic foresight perform fare better then those who do not apply futures thinking on a regular basis.

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