Issue 62

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In this issue's main article: Time has not always existed, it is not eternal, and like all other dimensions in this world, it is not static, nor fixed, nor controllable. As humans, we divide it into past, present, and future, but none of those parts really exist for us, when you think about it: The past is gone, the present is like a bar of soap slipping away between our fingers, and the future we can only dream about, or fear, until it is suddenly also a realised present, which then instantly becomes the past. But it is of course possible to work with the future and influence it. The article takes a closer look at just this and addresses how the overall challenge of time-scaling and forecasting represents an entanglement of at least four distinctive issues, each of which has its own semi-independent dynamic.

Also in this issue: Behaviour: Spotlight on selected behavioural patterns worldwide / Q&A: Paolo Rizzatto on inspiration and lifelong creativity / Article: Data dumb / Scenario article: Fat futures / Photo series: The Smart City Research Network: Portraits by Tilde Bay Kristoffersen / The Futurist: Nicklas Larsen / Column: The mobility pyramid / Column: The metaverse / Column: Compost futurism / Applied futurism: Teaching futures / Tech brief / Futures Past: The Red Net.

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