Bogi Eliasen
Director of Health
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Bogi Eliasen is the Director of Health at the Institute. He was born in the Faroe Islands and is educated in Political Science and International Law from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. He was previously employed by the Faroe Business Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked as a consultant over the last 20 years for politicians, the public sector and private companies.

Bogi was initiator of the first population genome project FarGen to sequence the genomes of the entire population of the Faroe Islands. As Director of Health at the Institute, Bogi sets the stage diving into topics such as the future of genomics, data, digital functions, and their integration with health. This is based on a holistic vision of shaping the future personalized health paradigm as a part of ambitious projects and networks around the world. He received the HIMSS Future 50 global award for his work in 2019. He is also the Chair of the Danish UNESCO Bioethical Committee. He initiated the Nordic Health 2030 process and has a key role in both the global Future Proofing Health Index and Movimiento Salud 2030 that aspires to improve Latin American health by applying the new health paradigm.

His next big focus is facilitating the shift and building bridges between the fields of personal and public health.

He calls himself a knowledge broker whose expertise lies in combining various fields of knowledge.

Current activities and projects:

          5 health moonshots – Canadian initiative to solve big health challenges

          Developing the Healthy Society, applying known knowledge and technology

          Improving health budget execution in Peru

          Canada Health 2030 Pan- Canadian scenario process

          WHO Digital Health Roadmap

          Leapfrog Thailand & Philippines, chair of Wisdom Council and mentoring leaders

          World Scenarios 2040, health in 2040 in all regions of the world

          Health data in Denmark, Innovationsfonden

          European Health Research Infrastructures in the emerging health landscape

          Nordic Innovation: The Nordic Health Area

          Personalized Health in Bulgaria and Eastern European

          Standing Committee of European Doctors: Courses in Future of Health for doctors

          The Personal – Public Health convergence

          The coherent health model / integrated care

          BEAGLE, activating behavioral data for health, quality of life and well-being

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