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The magazine about tomorrow – made in collaboration with writers, thinkers, & artists from around the globe.

The award-winning Scenario Magazine is published four times a year in print and digitally and can be purchased in newsstands and bookstores in a wide variety of countries. Scenario Magazine is developed and edited in-house by the Institute’s futurists in collaboration with writers, scientists, thinkers, and creatives from around the world.

Scenario Magazine engages with the future in the broadest possible sense, in recognition of the fact that the world of tomorrow is continuously shaped in the intersections between culture, society, science and technology. The magazine is for people who desire the greatest possible insight into the current trends and trajectories that will shape our lives in the future. If you own a Scenario-subscription you can access your digital publications anywhere, anytime, by signing in and dive into the trends and tendencies of tomorrow.

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