Hybrid Workplace 2033

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An important book about the hybrid workplace, timed perfectly to prevent us all from phlegmatic resignation to pre-pandemic, full week in the office, comfort zone work model.
Rasmus Brandt Lassen, CEO Danish Building and Property Agency
Claus Sneppen describes a provocative, ambitious vision of the future of office, that managers, real estate professionals and everyone, who needs to decide if going to work will be worth the commute, need to relate to. No matter if they seek to qualify their resistance to or enthusiasm for the hybrid workplace.
Rasmus Brandt Lassen, CEO Danish Building and Property Agency

About the Book

“Hybrid Workplace 2033” main goal is twofold. Firstly, it aims to provide primary workplace actors with a more nuanced understanding of the most significant changes in the market that have already been realized, are nearing realization, or will drive the transformation of the office workplace towards a hybrid model.

Secondly, the book seeks to equip primary workplace actors with insights to anticipate and prepare for the workplace in the year 2033. It achieves this by offering recommendations and strategic tools to facilitate internal processes, enabling organisations to transition towards a more future-ready workplace. While it does not serve as an A-Z manual on developing and implementing a future-proof hybrid workplace model, the publication strives to encompass all major trends and components that will shape the evolution of the hybrid workplace.

"Hybrid Workplace 2033" has been primarily developed in a Danish and Western context, with collaborative input from Danish HR, Danish Facilities Management, Danish IT, and Microsoft Denmark, each representing significant actors and co-definers of the future hybrid workplace. Moreover, several interview participants have provided valuable qualitative insights and knowledge, contributing significantly to the project. Special appreciation goes to Nicholas Bloom, Professor at Stanford University, and Rob Sadow, founder of Scoop and Flex Index, for sharing data and studies.

Futureproof your workplace strategies and initiatives

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About the Author

Claus Sneppen, Associated Partner and Futurist, is an experienced foresight and management consultant. He has a Master's degree in Business and Culture from the University of Southern Denmark.

He focuses primarily on developing strategic insights and solutions on the value of human interactions, meetings and meeting points in a digital reality. He has worked extensively with the experience economy, events, meeting culture, workplace, retail and destinations, and is focused on transforming insights into valuable decisions and actions.

He is also the co-author of the book "Experience-based Communication" (Springer, 2008) and established the think tank "Meetings of Tomorrow" to explore the significance of digitalization for collaborations, meetings, and meeting places (2017-2019).

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