Welcome! Introduction to the programme


Jacob Kjeldsen, DI Handel
Lise Thomsen, DI Kreative Erhverv
Sofie Hvitved, Futurist, CIFS
Bugge Holm Hansen, Futurist, CIFS

Keywords: Overview of the day

UNESCO #BackupUkraine – user involvement to preserve digital twins in web3


Can you back up an entire nation's cultural heritage in the cloud? Get ready to be inspired by this spectacular project that started with a dream: How to enable Ukraine and its citizens to help preserve their culture with just their phone - before it's too late.

Backup Ukraine lets anyone become an archivist. The digital and mobile platform enables the citizens of Ukraine to capture and digitally preserve 3D images of historical artefacts, monuments and other culturally-relevant structures and objects at risk of being damaged or destroyed in light of the ongoing war with Russia. And store them in an open, secure online archive - where no bombs can reach. 

The project is a collaboration between UNESCO, Blue Shield Denmark, the 3D scanning App Polycam and Vice / Virtue Futures, and has won the prestigious Grand Prix 2022 at Cannes Lions.

Speaker: Morten Grubak, Global Executive Creative Director, Vice & Virtue Futures

Keywords: User engagement & Philantropy

Embracing the Futures


Why are futures so important? Daria Krivonos, the CEO of The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, talks about the underlying characteristics of futures studies and why it is essential for companies along the value chain in any industry. 

Speaker: Daria ‘Dasha’ Krivonos, CEO, CIFS 

Keywords: A futures perspective

Introduction to the Metaverse & The Metaverse Map: How to navigate the metaverse


The term" Metaverse" has exploded in popularity, however it is often used without a definition or explanation of what it actually means.

In this session, we will present a new simple Metaverse Map in order to give an easy overview of the main concepts surrounding the Metaverse, such as AR, XR, digital twins, web3, digital assets, NFTs, and Generative AI. Apart from going into the different definitions, the session will also dive into implications and uncertainties surrounding the future of the Metaverse.

The map is created in collaboration with the Danish weekly business magazine Mandag Morgen and Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies for the Nordic Metaverse Summit.

Peter Hesseldahl, Editor and Journalist, Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen
Bugge Holm Hansen, Futurist, CIFS

Keywords: Overview of the Metaverse 

From Hype to Long-term implications: Exclusive launch of the new CIFS Metaverse Delphi study  


Is the Metaverse here yet? The all-encompassing and expansive nature of the Metaverse means that there is an incredibly diverse range of potential industry stakeholders and, thus, views on how the Metaverse is unfolding, both now and in the future. In this session, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies will release the results of the world's first Delphi Study on the future of the Metaverse that builds upon the collective intelligence and perspectives of global experts that have been carefully vetted and based on a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions - from thinkers and artists to entrepreneurs and practitioners working in the field. 

By highlighting similarities and differences among industry experts, the Delphi Study aims to advance our understanding and develop insights and orientation about the future of the Metaverse by leveraging the collective intelligence and perspectives of a diverse expert panel.​

The Delphi Study will be presented for the first time at the Nordic Metaverse Summit and be released fully at this year's SXSW '23 in Austin in March.

Speaker: Sofie Hvitved, Futurist, CIFS

Keywords: The future of the Metaverse



Fireside chat: Nordic perspectives on when, how and why to enter the Metaverse


According to Meta, the Metaverse is the Future of Digital Connection: "The Metaverse is a set of digital spaces, including immersive experiences, that are interconnected so you can easily move between them. It will let you create, explore and interact with people who aren't in the same physical space as you."

But what role can Nordic companies play? How do they see the future unfold? What do they recommend Nordic companies to consider when entering the Metaverse?

In this Fireside chat, we have invited Pia Tandrup, Country Director in Denmark at Meta, to explore the Nordic perspectives on when, how and why to enter the Metaverse. And maybe she can reveal a little more about Meta's future plans. 

Speaker: Pia Tandrup, Country Director Denmark, Meta

Keywords: Big tech’s Nordic outlook

Usecases: The Metaverse and the Nordic industry


Why should you enter the Metaverse? What opportunities exist? B&O, DSB and SynergyXR have entered the new space of the Metaverse in different ways and will share their projects, experiences and lessons learned.

Bang & Olufsen will be joining the conference sharing their newly launched virtual collection called 'Bang & Olufsen DNA Collection' – an edition of 1925 digital collectables created in collaboration with a group of Web3 artists to launch them into the Metaverse, providing token-gated access to future exclusive Bang & Olufsen products and experiences (read more here:

DSB are trying to reach new audiences by building the Copenhagen Central Station in Minecraft Education. Through creativity and play, children aged 8-12 can now get Minecraft on the school curriculum, and DSB believes that the earlier children learn about safe behaviour on and near the platform, the more likely it is that terrible accidents will be prevented in the future. (read more here: - in Danish

SynergyXR is build on a concept called The Corporate Metaverse. Get to know some of their cases, and get advice from their The Seven Rules of the Corporate Metaverse. 

Christopher Østergaard Poulsen, Senior Vice President Business Development, B&O
Rikke Lynge, Senior Brand Manager, DSB
Niels-Otto Fisker Head Of Corporate Communications, DSB
Mads Troelsgaard, CEO & Co-Founder, SynergyXR

Keywords: Case presentation and best practice



Breakout 1A (The Conference Hall): Web3 beyond the hype: Showcase 'Road Code'


The users are king in web3, and it's all about community, ownership and engagement. What is Web3 if we go behind the hype of crypto, and why should your company care? How can Nordics companies navigate this change? Immortal is a Danish blockchain company that unfolds the full potential of web3 that works with international capacities such as Pep Guardiola and Magnus Carlsen.

The new project 'Road Code' shows the changing power dynamics from platforms to users in web 2.5 - powered by the world's top 10 professional cycling teams.

Michael Jeppesen, CEO, MUST & Immortal
Dennis Bøgestad Laursen, Co-founder Render, Co-founder Immortal, Head of Digital, MUST
Graham Bartlett, CEO, Velon

Keywords: Web3, NFTs and DAOs

Breakout 1B (Room 19): How can we ensure equality, inclusion, and diversity in the Metaverse?


Five early indicators on women in the Metaverse reveal gender inequality - especially in the leadership creating and setting Metaverse standards, according to a report from McKinsey & Company. "The reality is that women spend more time in the protometaverse than men and […] are more likely to spearhead and implement metaverse initiatives. However, just as in the tech sector as a whole, women represent a minority in the metaverse economy."

There are a lot of issues we need to solve to ensure a healthy, equal, inclusive and diverse metaverse. Join the discussion and get insights from those striving to ensure that young people's voices will be heard, that women will be a part of defining the virtual environments, and that we enter the Metaverse based on inclusive design and ethics - with our eyes open to the blind spots.

Sara Lisa Vogl, Co-Founder, WIIT (Women in immersive Technologies)
Andrea Bravo, Founder, Metaverse Data & Ethics
Oliver Anton Lunow Nielsen, Project Manager for Future Generations Shaping Future Technology, Ungdomsbureauet

Keywords: Diversity, inclusion, women, youth, ethics

Breakout 2A (The Conference Hall): Norwegian governments in the Metaverse! Learning experiences from creating world’s first virtual Tax & Registry office


Why did Norwegian governments create Worlds' first Tax and Registry office in Metaverse? And how did they do it in 12 days only? Hear more about the process, building experience, and key takeaways from the public and private sector collaboration. 

In addition, Magnus Jones will also highlight several important Tax & Legal issues to be aware of when entering the Metaverse. As much as it can seem fun and exciting to enter the Metaverse, one should also understand the risks alongside the opportunities. 

Before joining the Nordic Metaverse Summit, Magnus Jones will be in Davos to present his Top 10 predictions for the Digital Assets industry in 2023. 

Speakers: Magnus Jones, Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead, EY Tax & Law
Andreas Hamnes, Senior Advisor & Innovation Lead at Norwegian Register Centre

Keywords: Commercial opportunities, strategies and future consumers

Breakout 2B (Room 19): Shaping the Metaverse towards sustainability


How do we get a more nuanced perspective on how the Metaverse might impact the world's ability to become sustainable? What opportunities and challenges exist when combining the Metaverse with ESG? That is the focus of the new report from KPMG, "Shaping the Metaverse towards sustainability," which combines their knowledge with insights from a series of industry leaders and experts and provides an initial insight into ESG considerations when starting the metaverse journey, and outlines the steps recommended by experts.

Get the key insights from Michael Birkebæk, an expert on new technological solutions in the Metaverse and its impact on environmental, social, and governance issues.

Organizations and executives should think ESG into the Metaverse to help ensure that the Metaverse develops towards a greener and more socially sustainable internet. This session will help you get started.

Speaker: Michael Birkebæk, Partner, ESG and Products Lead DK, KPMG

Keywords: Sustainability & ESG

Breakout 3A (The Conference Hall): The Omniverse: The building blocks of the Metaverses and how AI will support it


The Metaverse is delivering enormous opportunities. Get insights into some of the newest breakthrough use cases from NVIDIA. What are the thoughts behind the NVIDIA Omniverse? What is the potential in the industrial Metaverse and 3D Retail? And not least, how can we expect Generative AI will be used to create and support the Metaverse of the future with new possibilities such as Stable Diffusion and ChatGTP3?

In other words: How can companies navigate the Metaverse from a commercial perspective, according to one of the largest Metaverse developers? 

Speakers: Rasmus Bisgaard, Country Manager, NVIDIA

Keywords: Generative AI, Digital twins

Breakout 3B (Room 19): The voice of the consumers: What can the newest studies tell us about the future consumer behaviour and how consumers see the metaverse?


What can the most recent research teach us about the future behaviour of customers and how they perceive the Metaverse? What do the consumers worry about? What are the possibilities? Get insights from two different studies on future consumers in relation to the development of the Metaverse. 

Dr. Michael Björn, Head of Research Agenda, Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab
Christie Nielsen, Intelligence Director, Havas

Keywords: Consumers and connectivity



Keynote: The Immersive Metaverse 


From H&M and BMW to Vogue and Adidas. The Swedish company Journee work with some of the biggest brands who want to enter the Metaverse. Journee creates photorealistic 3D environments for people to gather, get inspired, and exchange ideas. From virtual experiences to branded platforms and infrastructures for a web3 strategy. Get insights on a Nordic European company working with international brands.

Speaker: Ida Kymmer, Director Of Global Affairs, Journee 

Keywords: Virtual worlds, 3D, community-building

Keynote: On ”warm crypto” and the future subscription models and loyalty programs will run on web3


The future of outreach is not about digital transformation but about the transformation of digital.

TIME, the nearly 100-year-old brand that has emerged as a leader in the web3 space over the past years, strategy, developing the creative, and launching several new initiatives. From putting the subscriptions of TIME Magazine on NFTs to a new web3 collaboration such as Salesforce, Mastercard and the City of Miami.

According to TIME, companies have traditionally viewed consumers as "renters" with data ready to be exploited. With the introduction of NFTs, TIME transforms consumers into online owners who can benefit from their subscriptions on several levels.

William Ban, the VP of web3 Operations at TIME, will present their latest use cases that show how web3 will change subscription models and loyalty programs as we know them today. He will also introduce the concept of "warm crypto" and how web3 can be used to do good.

Speaker: William Ban, VP Operations web3, TIME 

Keywords: Web3 and the new relation with the users

Panel: Connecting the dots in the Nordics -  Where do we go from here?


Simon Lajboschitz, CEO, Khora
Dr. Vanessa Julia Carpenter, Chief Innovation Officer at Gagarín
Moderator: Peter Hesseldahl, Editor and Journalist, Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen 

Keywords: The responsible way



Rikke Zeberg, Director, DI Digital
Mie Bilberg, Chief consultant, DI E-Commerce
Sofie Hvitved, Futurist, CIFS
Bugge Holm Hansen, Futurist, CIFS


16.30 - 17.30


Andrea Bravo

Andrea Bravo is an expert in AR/MR/VR with a Ph.D. in Responsible Innovation from DTU - The Technical University of Denmark. She is currently working with Professor Hiroshi Ishii at MIT Media Lab. She has a background in advertising, branding, and fashion industries (Ogilvy, Chanel, Chloé) in Paris and Barcelona, where she worked for 5 years before transitioning to research in AR/VR/MR. Her skillset combines creativity and the arts with research and engineering, and she is skilled in framing the product vision and presenting information and data in AR/MR/VR. She has experience in understanding human/user behavior and motivations within AR/VR/MR to drive product innovation with a responsible and ethical approach. Andrea is passionate about participating in cutting-edge innovation and shaping connections between people using technology.


Bugge Holm Hansen

Bugge is a futurist and advisor in web3, innovation, and digitalization. He has spent the past years researching the impact of the Metaverse and Web3 on culture, society, businesses, and individuals. He has over 20 years of experience in media and education in both advisory and industry roles. He has participated in think tanks and political committees and was involved in developing the first Nordic metaverse whitepaper. He is currently working on the world's first Delphi study on the Metaverse. He has lived and worked in various cities around the world and has an MA in Educational Science & Semiotics.


Christoffer Østergaard Poulsen

Christoffer is leading the Web3 strategy and experimentation at Bang & Olufsen. He holds the position of Senior Vice President, Business Development, focusing on new business models, strategic partnerships and brand collaborations. Prior to Bang & Olufsen, he worked in various positions in commercial development, transformation, and strategy at GN ReSound from 2005-2011. He holds an M.Sc. in International Business from Aarhus University School of Business and Social Science and a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Modern Languages from the same institution. He also studied at the London School of Economics and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


Christie Nielsen

Christie is an Intelligence Director at the media and advertising agency Havas Danmark. She holds a Master of Science in Economics & Marketing and has completed a diploma course in Trends in Practice. She is responsible for the agency's area of expertise in consumer behavior, market analysis, cultural norms, habits, values, trends, and brand insights. She is passionate about understanding the psychology behind decision making and translating that into practical knowledge and strategic advice for the agency's clients. She is also interested in new movements in consumer behavior and understanding how we will behave in the future.


Daria (Dasha) Krivonos

Dasha is an economist with a background in economics and a broad understanding of megatrends and societal development patterns. She has hands-on experience as Head of Enterprise Risk Management at the A.P. Møller-Mærsk Group, which demonstrates her ability to apply research to concrete realities and the challenges that companies and organizations face. She believes that managing short-term risks and looking beyond the immediate planning horizon are essential to maneuvering an organization through the uncertainties of the future.


Dennis Bøgestad Laursen

Dennis is the CPO and co-founder of Immortal. He has experience founding companies that bridge creativity and technology. He was one of the first creative professionals employed with a Danish media agency. He has worked with over 100 Danish and international brands to provide digital solutions and content.


Ida Kymmer

Ida's work at Journee, a metaverse and web3 company, focuses on understanding the latest developments in the field. She works with both traditional and new NFT use cases to gain a deep understanding of the current developments. Ida is a frequent keynote speaker and moderator and has been invited to speak at the World Economic Forum, Deloitte Innovation Day, Split X Summit, Tech BBQ, Future Blockchain Summit, and many more. She has an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, has lived in eight countries, and speaks five languages.


Magnus Jones

Magnus is an experienced advisor in blockchain and Web3, working closely with key stakeholders such as authorities, banks, and academia. He helps clients with everything from regulatory challenges to technical implementations and has extensive experience with NFTs and DeFi. He is also part of the Global EY Metaverse team and helped create the world's first Tax office in Metaverse. He is an international speaker and holds several advisory roles, such as co-founder of the Norwegian Computer Society Group for Blockchain, co-founder and board member of Oslo Blockchain Cluster, and a lecturer at various business schools. He is also an advisor to the United Nations working group for Crypto and Counterterrorism. He will be presenting on Metaverse topics at several panels in Davos in 2023.


Michael Birkebæk Jensen

Michael is a partner at KPMG with a focus on ESG and software/product development. He has 15 years of consulting experience, starting with technology strategy, and later focusing on emerging technologies. He has also worked on sustainability throughout his career, and currently focuses on how modern technologies such as AI can accelerate the green and social transition. In addition to his work at KPMG, he also works on the Demtech agenda to ensure modern technologies support democracy, and actively participates in public dialogue on innovative technology and society through articles, books, podcasts, and TV.


Dr. Michael Björn

Dr. Michael Björn is a researcher who is studying the process of assimilation of ICT among consumers and in enterprises. He has been leading the annual 10 Hot Consumer Trends report, now in its 13th year, since its inception. In the last 5 years, his research has primarily focused on XR (Extended Reality, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality).


Michael Jeppesen

Michael is the CEO and co-founder of Immortal. He is a serial entrepreneur, having founded multiple businesses, including the award-winning agency MUST. He is a former journalist and author of several books, who has worked in several Danish media as a host and art reviewer.


Morten Grubak

Morten Grubak is the Global Executive Creative Director at VICE/Virtue Futures. He led the launch of Coca-Cola's first NFT, founded Virtue's internal Innovation Lab, and created a wearable report on digital fashion. He has led teams that won globally recognized competitions including multiple Grands Prix at Cannes Lions and One Show best of discipline awards. He works with web3 strategies for brands like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Novo Nordisk to lead their global innovation efforts. Grubak is a sought-after speaker on culture-led brand action, creativity, and technology, particularly in the web 3.0 space, where he champions a cautiously optimistic approach to virtual worlds as a creative opportunity.


Niels-Otto Fisker

Niels-Otto Fisker is the new press chief at DSB. He is educated as a journalist and comes from a position as press chief at the National Police. He has been advising the National Police Chief and the National Police on media matters for several years. Previously, Niels was an editor and reporter at DR and TV2.


Oliver Anton Lunow Nielsen

Oliver is working on understanding the meaning of the metaverse metaphor in a democratic context, with a focus on youth perspectives. Danish youth are early adopters of modern technologies and digital platforms, and their perspectives offer unique insight into the role the metaverse will play in the future. He is conducting a study involving 16 full-year volunteers, workshops across the country, and trips to Silicon Valley, Dublin, and other places. The study will present recommendations on how to ensure that young people's ideas, visions, and thoughts are permanently included in society's preparations for future technologies. The study will be presented in early summer 2023.


Peter Hesseldahl

Peter is a journalist and editor of digital transformation at a Danish business magazine. He has experience as an in-house futurist and has consulted on future issues for organizations and companies. He has also managed research projects on innovation in Asia at a Danish think tank. He is the author of 7 books, with his most recent being "Transition to the Future."


Pia Tandrup

As Country Director for Denmark, Pia is responsible for Meta's advertising business in Denmark. Her team works with Danish businesses to help them optimize and succeed with their marketing investments on Meta's family of apps. She is passionate about leading a team of industry experts who partner closely with new and established businesses on their digitalization journeys and cross-border expansions. Pia has extensive experience in the advertising industry and a deep understanding of creativity, industry trends, and consumer insights.


Rasmus Bisgaard

Rasmus leads NVIDIA's efforts in Denmark. He is responsible for collaborating with industry, OEM partners, and academia to drive innovation in the region. He has more than 5 years of experience in technical roles in the software and AI business.


Rikke Lynge

Rikke is a creative marketer responsible for the marketing strategy for DSB's young target group. She is behind award-winning campaigns such as the podcast 'REJSEN', the recognized safety campaign with ICEKIID 'Aldrig Glemt' and the current DSB Safety in Minecraft campaign.


Sara Lisa Vogl

Sara is the co-founder of the NPO Women in Immersive Technologies Europe (WIIT) and a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council for VR/AR. She has been exploring and creating VR experiences since 2013, with a background in communication arts and interactive media. Driven by the desire to create deep immersion in her experiences, Sara is exploring new interaction concepts and experimental ways of storytelling. She is based in Berlin and creates immersive installations that incorporate sensors, haptics, and the intersection between algorithms and real worlds. Sara is on a mission to go beyond the status quo of immersive virtual realities and explore their diverse potentials for the future.


Simon Lajboschitz

Simon founded Khora Aps with his partner Peter Fisher to explore the potential of VR and AR. After 7 years of exploration, Khora has produced over 350 VR, AR, and 360 productions for B2B partners and facilitated over 1000 workshops for businesses seeking to explore the potential. He is a keynote speaker, futurist, and Ping pong player. He earlier co-founded Absalon, a community center with communal dinners, lots of activities, and Ping pong. He also worked at Tiger (now Flying Tiger) with the expansion of shops into Japan and the US as well as overall Brand Strategy for all 500+ shops.


Sofie Hvitved

Sofie is a Futurist and Head of Media at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, where she is currently working on the future of the Metaverse and its impact on our lives and businesses. She is deeply involved in the intersection of media, technology, and entertainment and has a strong strategic background in the media industry, including work at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). She is also a member of the Danish Media Board under the Minister of Culture. She has an MA in Media Studies from Aarhus University in Denmark.


Dr. Vanessa Julia Carpenter

Dr. Vanessa Julia Carpenter is the Chief Innovation Officer at Gagarín, an Icelandic experience design studio that creates immersive, engaging, interactive exhibitions. She is currently co-creating Astrid, a climate change educational suite in VR. Using her PhD in Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products from AAU, Copenhagen, she challenges the status quo and explores how to facilitate personal and interpersonal self-development. She believes in being a catalyst for change and has launched the Nordic network "Women in Hardware," writes for and Greater Spaces at, is a member of the Danish Design Council, and is the founder and designer at Kintsugi Design, a design studio specializing in hardware and creating robust futures.


William Ban

William Ban is the VP of Operations for TIME Magazine's web3 strategy where he oversees TIME's growth within the web3 ecosystem including NFTs, Metaverse, and IP Licensing business units. He led the growth of TIME's NFT and web3 community, TIME Pieces, to include over 60,000 artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. He also drove TIME's web3 strategy, generating eight figures of revenue as the brand expanded from NFTs to community building and partnering with several NFT creators to develop their unique IP into animated series for TV with TIME Studios. Prior to joining TIME, William scaled early-stage startups including Airbnb, Artsy, and GoGoVan across APAC, EU, and the US.