Daria (Dasha) Krivonos

Consults clients on megatrends, geopolitics, economics and broad social developments.

Examples of Key Notes

  • Crumbling Pillars - The Shifting Power Balance of the 21st Century
  • The Liquid Consumer - Future Consumer Trends
  • Future of Work - Would Your Children Work in Your Organisation?
  • Post-Pandemic World - When and How?
  • Building The Future - Urban Trends and Smart Cities

About Dasha

As the CEO of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Daria (Dasha) Krivonos is an experienced key note presenter. Dasha’s deep expertise in geopolitics and global trade, energy markets, and economics, as well as strategic, operational and project-oriented risk management, helps audiences across the globe understand which trends are important to their business. Dasha has a keen eye for implementing strategy into concrete realities and the accompanying challenges an organisation might face. Dasha’s personal international background and career in AP Møller Maersk provides for fascinating perspectives and insights regarding the future of markets and societies.

The current and future landscapes are undergoing rapid and deep change, especially in the way we work and how we structure our organisations. Dasha joined our HR networks to share insights and key trends shaping the future talent base and those defining and influencing diversity and inclusion of the future.
- Rasmus Buhl Jørgensen & Jacob Rabøl, Partners, The Academy
When looking beyond the immediate strategy horizons, Dasha’s talk on megatrends, uncertainties and global dynamics, offered a valuable outlook and challenge to our dialogue and process.
- Lotte G. Lundberg, Director, The Danish Maritime Fund


Dasha has a M.Sc. Economics which she has applied in her previous roles as an Economist and as head of ERM in Maersk. Dasha has co-authored a number of CIFS reports on topics such as the Future of Global Trade, Geopolitics and Power Balances, Climate and Sustainability, Trust and Blockchain. She is an experienced keynote  speaker and has featured in a number of global events for large multinational corporations as well as more intimate and interactive talks for smaller audiences.  

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